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22.11.2017 04:01 | divaspo

After leak, Google’s new file manager for Android, Files Go, launches into public beta

The company quietly announced the wider beta opening of Files Go this morning, via a tweet.

Looks like some of you found our Files Go Beta :-) We thought we’d make it available for a few more of you on the Play Store. Feedback welcome!

— Caesar Sengupta (@caesars) November 9, 2017


 Google has decided to capitalize on the interest in the new app, thanks to its exposure through media coverage. Instead of continuing to keep quiet about its plans, as before, it instead opened up Files Go to beta testers who want to get a first look ahead of the public launch.


The beta app has now returned to Google Play where it’s listed as “Files Go Beta: Free up space on your phone (Unreleased).”

The description, as before, details its features – including its ability to help locate and delete spam and duplicate photos; support for offline file sharing; its file management utility; and its tool that recommends which of your rarely-used apps could be removed to help free up space on your phone.

The app itself is fairly lightweight, as an under 6 MB download.

Though early speculation was that Files Go was being aimed at emerging markets, we understand it’s on track for a global launch, starting in December.

Files Go is a free download here on Google Play.

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 Just like your tenderness
12.04.2017 09:39 | divaspo

Compared with the sun's light and heat, I prefer the moon the chill of gentleness.Because the moon shine on the world of mortals, as same as your tenderness.Although the gentle never belong to me, but I still miss the rare in the world of mortals of gentleness.
First met you, I search in my mind all the verses and beautiful prose sentence, can't find a can describe your words and sentences.You quietly sat on a seat by the window, the sun out of the window to you, without a sense of splendor, only a hint of alienation, shallow gentle, like...Just like the moon.When you noticed the line of sight of me, when I turned to smile, I can feel your smile in the distant, but there are also some kind out of the show.
If you are the moon, I am the earth in a small tree.Although I need most is the sunshine rain and dew, but I miss most is your bright light, is so cold, downy, accompany me through every silent night.Whether I leafy or leaves, when the night falls, you always with your unique way to give me encouragement and comfort.
World of mortals prosperous, desolate, you always like the moon high up the night sky, watching the earth at a distance of xing and failure, the world's happiness and sadness, in the absence of cloud cover send out unique brilliance, the changes of the witness to the world of mortals, comforts the attached to the olden days.
Every time I saw you, are almost when I was depressed.Curiously, as long as I see you, see you that the expression of indifference, alienation of smile, can let my heart calm down.Although I know it's only you in the face of the world a mask, but I simply think that this is your unique gentle, and attached to the tender of cool water.
The moon shine on the world of mortals, as same as your tenderness.I still just a world of mortals in the people with whom you live in a different world, although I can't take your tenderness, may later all can't see you, but I will put you in mind such as month tender, accompany me through life each time waste.

 - divaspo | Kommentoi

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