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 First step prevention
11.06.2018 07:01 | 生活

  There are many similarities between enterprises and people. Like people, it is sick. Many companies are ill because of slow economic growth, competition and management incompetence. However, there are still some feasible preventive measures. Diagnosis and treatment can restore the health of the enterprise. As with human health, an enterprise can implement three steps to ensure long-term health. The three steps are prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. There are 25 medical principles that have a harmonious relationship with these three steps.


  Like humans, most businesses are in deep water because they do not take good care of their health. The motto of "prevention is better than cure" is not only applicable to people, but also to enterprises.

  Principle one: enterprises need rest to rejuvenate

  Rest is one of the ways to promote mental and physical health. When a person is in a free and comfortable working environment, he has the highest production capacity. For companies, the first concept of rest is stability. This is paradoxical. In order to cope with rapid changes, the company needs to change. However, in search of the process of changing the growth of the company, the company needs rest and stability. This is the same as the human body. The human body needs a rest to recharge and repair himself, but at the moment of rest, he must be active so that he can maintain his best physical function and health. This is why the transit manager must master the art of preserving stability in the process of change and urge changes in stability.

  The most hateful thing is to hear the manager say, "the dismissal will continue until the morale is improved. "There are some companies that recruit and dismiss employees arbitrarily, which is like cleaning up after carnival or business starvation. Starvation is a disease. People who suffer from this disease often have an uncontrollable desire to eat, but after eating, they will vomit to make their weight less. Too frequent management and personnel changes will not only make employees suspicious and unfaithful, but also destroy the cohesive force of the company. Frequent changes due to downsizing have been proved to be corporate cultural disasters. Self interest will make the company lose interest, because loyalty and trust no longer exist. Rest, you have to. But the rest time is when you don't have time to rest.

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